Jason Voorhees Friday 13TH- Night Escape Days Gone

The dead silence in clown games sending shivers down your spine as your heart thumps in a horror game. Find the Night escape route from inside Jason Voorhees pennywise house, look for clues, hidden objects, and keys before evil Jayson finds you in these scary escape rooms.


Beware of the kidnapper man of Jason games. who lives in an abundant house in which you have 1000 ways to die. You have to find the riddle escape horror game, Find the key to enter the Jason games abundant place. Killer Jason is hidden in the house that shows a horrifying element in this game the scar is everywhere. Wrench to unlock the chain lock at Jason game house of escape horror game on Friday 13th.

Welcome to Jason Vs Clown Friday 13TH- Night Escape Days Gone! Here time to test your guts, overcome your fear! Relax days gone. You are in an old building that is so scary & mysterious like a clown game, the lights automatic on-off at a time. Scram & spooky sounds like in horror game hear at midnight. Something is here that is wrong. A boy is kidnaped by this endless nightmare in Jason game 3D your duty use identity, open doors, find lots of items and clues in the creepy building of Jason games. All clues will help to find out the truth of all mysteries in Jason’s game. For several years on one won from the horror escape scream because he knows tricks to kidnap the people in this Jason games.

Features of Underwater Crocodile Simulator – Crocodile Games:

  • Different scary character selection e.g. Clown, Jason
  • Scary Environment for a real spooky effect
  • Spooky sound effects.
  • Smooth controls to enjoy the horror escape gameplay.
  • Mysterious building for horror lovers.
  • Enjoy scary escape games with different difficulty levels.

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