Stinger Scorpion Simulator – Giant Venom Game 2020

Story of Stinger Scorpion Simulator – Giant Venom Game 2020


Enjoy the scorpion family simulator and learn the survival of scorpion in a jungle.
Hunt to eat and survive and keep a distance from other wild animals to survive in a
wild world.

Fight for your life against venomous jungle predator and scorpions with the help of your Scorpion family. Hunt or be hunted. Become the most venomous scorpion around the jungle and fight against the multiple wild animals in this insect sim. Dip into the fantastic micro world, mark and defend your territory and scorpion family, explore the jungle and have a fun playing life of a scorpions and face the danger of tropical jungle with scorpion attack simulator. You have to take care of your health and energy its more important because without it you will not survive for long time in this wilderness of insect sim. TO maintain your health and energy catch tasty insects fight and eat in this scorpion insects games 2020. Earn coins to customize scorpion and power up attacks and energy. Defend your territory and fight against your enemies.

Features of Underwater Crocodile Simulator – Crocodile Games:

  • Maintain health to fight with the enemies.
  • Multiple scorpion to play with.
  • HD environment.
  • Smooth and easy controls.

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