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Wild Life Crazy Rat Simulator – Cat Simulator 2021

Amazing Mouse game is an exciting family rat game for all mouse simulator or mice lovers.
Rat survives in dangerous forest in search of water, food and mate.
Live in your small hole in the forest or in the cottage.
Encounter different kinds of wildlife enemies and prey, ally with other rats or try to compete with them.


You can play in free mode, just running around or you can play in a challenge mode will levels.
Control the mice rat in all its fury and help it stay alive by fighting different wildlife animals in this high action pet vet animal simulator in forest as a mouse game.
The mouse trap game is about the life of a mouse escape who is living in forest. Escape mouse do its day to day activities.. The game play of squirrel simulator starts and the take care mouse simulator has to go to its house but before that find some cheese to fulfill its appetite. Squirrel simulator games and kitty cat games are loved by kids, so download it now for free and have fun by playing with pet vet mouse simulator 2021 game. Be the pet cat in this cat fighting game to explore the cool house in realistic environment with cute pet cat games and kitten take care games. Have fun hitting objects, making mess and jumping around in rat games.

It is unique rat game which is based on the kitty cat missions in dark animal shelter. You are playing as rats and you have to survive in the animal simulator by fighting with other wildlife and funny kitty cat animals by killing them, don’t forget to collect your reward to live a long life in this dark animal shelter. Don’t wait anymore and get ready for this challenging mouse trap in this rat game.

Features of Underwater Crocodile Simulator – Crocodile Games:

  • Amazing Forest environment.
  • Beautiful Mouse Hole or mouse house.
  • Different mouse and rat selection.
  • Amazing Challenging levels.
  • Survival simulator.

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